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LADY KNIGHT ENTERPRISES PUBLISHING (LKEP) is a FULL service publishing company that caters to it's clientele's individual needs. We strive and make it our business to bring your personal vision to life! We give you the most high quality of products just like the major publishers do but at a much more reasonable and affordable cost! We also make sure you keep all your rights as the author other than the rights noting LKEP as the publisher. you also get your books printed for your personal sales at a very minimal cost, unlike other companies that make more money on your books than you do. We connect you with the right channels to get your work visible while utilizing the two top distribution channels too which means your work will be printed in A-1 formatting with the best materials as well!


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NOTE THE PRICE LISTED ABOVE IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE THAT HAD TO BE LISTED IN ORDER FOR OUR SYSTEM TO ALLOW YOU TO VIEW THIS INFORMATION. prices vary depending on several factors, length of materials, work involved, cover designs and other aspects.

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